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Blue Link has been designed from the ground up for wholesalers and distributors – especially importers and exporters. Blue Link offers functionality important for importers and exporters such as landed cost tracking, multi-currency support and warehouse management to aid with inventory logistics. These features are part of Blue Link’s all-in-one ERP software that includes inventory management, accounting, order entry, invoicing, quoting and more.

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Blue Link software is perfect for wholesalers and distributors that import or export product – to and from anywhere in the world! Our software works great for a variety of sub-industries such as:

Food & Beverage / Apparel / Consumer Goods/ Industrial Products / Electronics and more!

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Landed Cost Tracking

Are you properly managing your landed costs? Read this blog to learn more about the benefits of managing your landed costs correctly.

How Are You Managing Landed Costs?

Discover Bermuda Import & Export’s Success with Blue Link

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We import two containers of produce weekly and checking the line items and different categories are now all set up and the man doing that job just breezes through it. Previously, he would spend about three or four hours; now it takes him 30 minutes – and that’s if he’s slow and takes a coffee break!

David Potts
Financial Controller
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