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Personalized, In-House Blue Link Support

Blue Link ERP support activities including, development, consulting, training, Help Desk and customer service are all delivered by a team of experienced and knowledgeable in-house staff. Unlike many other software companies, our personalized approach is one of our competitive advantages. This means that when you have a question or need help, you are always dealing with someone who has the necessary in-depth understanding of your business, our software, wholesale distribution business processes and accounting. All Blue Link services are provided by our in-house team who get to know you and your business in detail and on a first name basis – we understand your unique business needs to provide you with the ERP support you need as quickly as possible.

Blue Link ERP Support includes:

  • Help Desk Activities
  • Consulting
  • Training
  • Customization

Trusted Technology Partner

We aim to build a lasting partnership with all our customers as their trusted technology partner. As a Blue Link customer, your requests and concerns will always be addressed by our team of knowledgeable, in-house staff who understand your business and not by a random call center rep who you have never spoken to before, and likely never will again.

Trusted Technology Partner
Joanne Employee Video

“I love working with the clients – that’s my favourite part. When I call the customers,
I have not only a business relationship, but we take the time to ask each other how our weekends were, how we are, what’s new. So that’s important, not only on a business level but even just building that relationship with the customer and knowing that you’re not just an employee at Blue Link, you’re also someone that they can turn to for anything that they might need.”

Joanne Fazari

Customer Service



Blue Link provides detailed consulting services for both existing customers and prospective clients. During our initial sales process, we engage in detailed discussions and perform a needs analysis and full review of business processes to understand your unique business needs. We offer this same service for all existing customers who wish to automate a new business process, learn about new opportunities and features or find new ways to grow.

New Clients

For prospective clients, our in-house Business Analysts and Consultants will work with you to help you make the best software selection for your business. This involves a discussion around:

  • The current processes of your business – inventory, accounting, order entry and processing, invoicing, purchase orders etc.
  • Your unique business requirements and existing feature requirements
  • Potential opportunities for improvement and company growth

Existing Customers

Our consultants are available to be scheduled for a variety of projects including automation, customization, report creation, additional training and more. During a consulting engagement, our team will work with your company to understand existing processes, opportunities for improvement and automation and ways in which you can further utilize Blue Link to grow your business. These types of projects are then estimated and quoted based on the scope of work. We also provide IT services provided by our team of IT staff.

Man writing testimonial on cell phone

The software is working way better than our previous software. The support team has been remarkable, when we submit a case it gets fixed in a very timely manner. We are still working out the kinks but we are getting there.

Zach Taylor
Sales Manager, Creager Mercantile

Help Desk Activities

Blue Link’s team provides a personalized approach which results in you speaking to the same few Help Desk Agents and Software Analysts each time – who get to know you and your business on a personal level.

Help Desk Contracts

Help Desk Hours of Operation

Our Help Desk Agents are available from 9AM to 5PM EST Monday to Friday, with provisions in place for emergency situations and for clients who operate outside of those hours.


Help Desk Contracts

Help Desk contracts are pre-paid blocks of hours, required and drawn down based on billable time logged for all Help Desk Activities. You can choose from a variety of Help Desk contract options depending on your needs.

Blue Link Customization


In addition to initial new customer training, Blue Link provides customers with exclusive access to dozens of training videos and documentation available on the Blue Link Academy site to save your company time and money. You can also always schedule additional training with one of our consultants.

New customer training



Every Blue Link customer starts with the same core Blue Link ERP product – complete with inventory management, accounting, contact management, order entry and processing, warehouse management and more. As we learn more about your specific business needs you have the option of turning on any of Blue Link’s additional features at any time to address your industry-specific requirements – features such as lot tracking, Point of Sale, our Service and Repair module, and more. These additional features help automate processes and provide your business with the flexibility to grow and change.

However, we also understand that each business has unique needs and it is these unique requirements that allow you to be successful in the marketplace. We understand that no two businesses are exactly alike and work hard to provide you with the flexibility to customize the software to meet your specific requirements. You never have to compromise on finding a solution that works for your business – not only can the system be completely customized, but each year these custom projects are included in your upgrade.

With Blue Link custom development, your specific needs can be addressed on an affordable and upgradeable basis.